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March 2022 Horoscopes for RUSSH magazine

We begin March in the mutable waters of Pisces season and end it in the rash, youthful, head-butting domain of Aries (beginning March 21st). Of all transitions between signs, this one is perhaps the most jolting. Pisces is compassionate, free flowing, and oceanic, where Aries is self-centred, hard-headed, and hard-charging. Pisces is mature (the final sign on the Zodiac), Aries is young (our first). Pisces is about endings. Aries, beginnings. Pisces can be awash in tears, Aries aroused with heat. The trick of navigating the Zodiac Wheel is, as always, learning to go with the flow of the season and the contradictory transitions between them. In this sense, we should learn to be like Pisces. In another sense, we need to be like Aries, too: always charging forward, regardless of obstacles, antinomies, and snafus.


The shoreline and the sea of your Pisces self should we awash in good tidings this season. Aside from the Sun and your ruler, extravagant Jupiter, lighting up your Ego zone (very auspicious), you also have three planets going exactly conjunct the Luck-giver Planet this March. The first conjunction occurs on the 3rd, (though it starts building on the 2nd) when the New Moon holds hands with Jupiter in your 1st House of Ego and Identity. In general, New Moons are times to set goals but in a water sign like Pisces with Jupiter around, think in the short term about them. Indeed this month’s lunation is more about instant gratification—a short trip, a lavish collectible, an ephemeral romance. A few days later, on the 6th, the Sun goes exactly conjunct Jupiter in your 1st House of Self, too. This will be a “right place at the right time” moment during an already favorable season of increased vitality, confidence, and health. Finally, on the 21st of March, Mercury (communication) dances with the Great Benefic. Usually Mercury in Pisces is not so good for the precise Messenger Planet (it is debilitated by the wishy-washiness of the Fishes). But with Jupiter in the mix, this could be a moment of words and ideas expanded upon by the benefic presence of Planet Optimism. Also, on the 21st, the Sun shifts into Aries and your Finance zone. More decisiveness about lingering money matters could result.


The first three weeks of March are going to be a bit challenging for your hard-charging fiery nature. Why? The watery Pisces Sun will be transiting your equally watery zone of the Unconscious and Secrets. This is not a fun placement for you who loves bright lights, heat, and confrontation with others (rather than with yourself). But butting heads with your own issues and inner demons is what the Zodiac wheel is asking of you before we step into your season on the 21st. While by month’s end you will sit atop a regal throne of Cardinal flame, self-confidence, and forward-looking energy, the Pisces Sun in your Unconscious sector until then could be more about submersion in the past with all its unpleasant obscurities. A particular area of strife could be in your Friendship zone, where your ruling planet, bellicose Mars, hangs out from the 6th onward. Tensions with friends, particularly around past actions (recall the Pisces Sun in your Unconscious sector) could cause roughness over secrets coming to light. The advice: stay low-key, if possible, until the 21st, when you can emerge from dark waters to bask in the Sun in your sign at the potent Equinox.


The compassionate Pisces Sun illumines your Friendship zone until the 21st. This could go two ways: lots of nodding in sympathetic understanding with friends over coffee and/or beer and/or wine (great). Or, because Pisces can be bad with boundaries, letting your friends over-run your time somewhat (not so great). Take the best of Pisces energy (open-hearted compassion toward others) to be there for friends but also show some Bullishness to make time for yourself this Pisces season, too. Your ruling planet, lovely Venus, will be transiting your 9th House of Higher Learning until the 6th, suggesting that the first week of March is a particularly good jag for “me-time” vis-a-vis friend time. Venus will bestow some love on activities centered around knowledge and the pursuit thereof. Given your inclination toward luxury, check out John Brewer’s magisterial “The Pleasures of The Imagination” on the rise of “high culture” in 18th Century London. On the 21st, the Sun shifts into your 12th House of the Unconscious and Secrets for four weeks, marking a time for introspection and self-searching, before your season in April.


Go full on work mode for the first three weeks of March, as the compassionate Pisces Sun energizes your 10th House of Career. With Pisces lending a more sympathy-inflected light to this zone of your chart, you might find that listening to others more can open up avenues for greater success at the office. Compassion and cooperation trumps competition for much of March. On the 10th, your ruling planet, communicative Mercury, joins Pisces in your work zone until the 27th, bolstering your career theme for the month. The catch here: Mercury in Pisces is a bit like oil and water. They do not mix well. Pisces is a bit too dreamy for the precision of your ruler. In fact, Mercury is said to be both in its “detriment” and “fall” in the Fishes. Ouch. While lucky Jupiter will be co-present in Pisces to mitigate this transit somewhat, it might be prudent to pump the brakes on your talkative, chatty nature for March and focus more on learning from and listening to other viewpoints at work. On the 21st, the Sun shifts into hard-charging Aries and your Friendship zone. This equinox is a moment for turning over new leaves. Seeing that this transit will be occurring in your Friend sector suggests, perhaps, a new acquaintance with whom to shoot the breeze over coffee and/or bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut cake with Marsala caramel and creme chantilly.


For a fellow water sign like yourself, Pisces season should be thought of as a fertile river valley rather than the cold tundra of Aquarius from which we last emerged. Seeds of intention grow faster during these irrigated Pisces transits. With this in mind, pay close attention to your ruling planet, the Moon, particularly on the 2nd and 3rd. It will be fresh and new, highlighting your 9th House of Spirituality, Higher Learning, and Philosophy. Mark this date to begin some sort of spiritual practice, if you’re not already engaged in one. Water the root of spiritual life to enjoy the fruits of material success later: Yoga and meditation are all in line with this lunation and beyond. Indeed the Sun is also in your 9th House until the 21st, so focus on the life of the mind and spirit the next few weeks. On the 21st, the cosmic gears shift and the Stars will push you more into the public sphere, with an emphasis on your 10th House of Career, where the amped Aries Sun will be tooting its brash horn. Trumpeting some of your own accomplishments with the help of Aries energy will help you get the recognition you deserve.


Act One: The Sun in watery Pisces will be highlighting your 8th House of Intimacy until the 21st. As a fixed fire sign, this placement could feel wishy-washy, but the Stars are asking you to go with the flow of this transit: compassion, understanding, and no holding back when it comes to intimacy and sharing. In large part, the 8th House is ultimately about merging with the intimate Other, about blurring the possessive property lines of I and Thou. In this sense, having the Pisces Sun transiting your Intimacy zone is ideal, as Pisces is the sign most characterized by eroding boundaries between people, places, and things. Make use of this lovely Pisces Sun transit, then, to share scenes with intimate relations. Act Two: the Sun shifts into Aries, fellow fire sign, on the 21st. Aries energy is less about the Other and intimacy and more about re-establishing the territory of the Self. With the Aries Sun blazing through your Travel zone, this could be a good moment to sally forth on a solo journey, like Mad Max. Aries will be amping up your drive for experiencing new things in new lands.


Your nature, ruled by the analytic side of Mercury, often asks: how does this thing work? With the compassionate Pisces Sun in your Relationship zone until the 21st, the question you should be asking is something more like: how does this feel? Pisces energy is emotional, free flowing, boundary-averse, somewhat imprecise, watery, and dreamy. These traits are opposite yours. Indeed on the Zodiac Wheel, Virgo and Pisces are 180 degrees apart. But this kind of cosmic opposition is really a time for growth. Working with the more tidal spirit of Pisces season could benefit you, especially concerning relationships, which the Sun is emphasizing. Try something a bit more loose with your partner the next few weeks. Don’t follow recipes. Stray from schedules. This might be hard for you, but helpful for the ebb and flow of romance and relationships. On the 21st, the Sun shifts into caffeinated Aries season and your Intimacy zone. Expect passion and heat between the Virgin’s starched white sheets.


Your ruling planet, lovely Venus, is traveling with Mars all month, shifting into your 5th House of Romance, Fun, and Creativity on the 6th. As the wonderful synth pop band, The Cars, put it: “Let the good times roll, let them knock you around.” Indeed this is a rough and tumble transit of taverns and trampolines. Mars was exalted and on good behavior in Capricorn last month, but now it’s back to its bad religion. Martian brashness will have Venus ready for hijinks in the 5th House. Go out and paint the town red for a few weeks. Or retreat into your art studio and get creative, as the 5th also energizes artistic output, too. Until the 21st, the Pisces Sun, co-present with lucky Jupiter, lights up your 6th House of Health, indicating that this could be a nice moment for a check-up. The Sun shifts into Aries and your 7th House of Partnerships on the 21st. The hard-charging Ram and deliberative Libra are opposite each other on the Zodiac Wheel for a reason. You tend to pussy-foot, where Aries is boots on the ground. The forward-march energy of the Ram could be what you need in terms of making a firm decision with or about a partner toward the end of the month.


The free-flowing energy of the Pisces Sun makes a lovely trine with your sign over the next three weeks. Where? In your 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity. With merry-maker Jupiter also co-present in your Fun zone, this should be a gangbuster transit of mirthful bonhomie to counter some of your scorched earth, “all or nothing” impulses. Good fortune in dating and creative pursuits could be an indication of this transit, so make an effort to rock with the surfer girl/boy vibes of mutable Pisces this season. On a slightly different note, your ruling planet, Mars (heat-seeking missile) is tarrying with lovely Venus in your Communication and Siblings sector for the first week of March. The two planets then switch into your Home and Family zone. Watch out for words that pack a hard punch toward loved ones (Mars). Venus will sweeten Mars somewhat, but Home and Family could be a hot button issue for March. Go the way of tidal Pisces in your 5th House and have fun out on the tiles rather than fixating on home stuff. On the 21st, the Sun switches over to Aries and pumps up your 6th House of Routine. This is a powerful transit to hit the gym hard.


Your ruling planet, benevolent Jupiter, has been ensconced, like a luxurious couch, in your 4th House of Home all year. In fundamental ways, the Stars are saying that the first half of 2022 should be about building on, improving, expanding, and deepening your connection to your hearth and those around it. This theme intensifies with Pisces season, as the Sun joins Jupiter in the Home zone until the 21st. A Pisces Sun is an emotional one, so expect to be in your feelings, perhaps even nostalgic or sentimental, about home, the past, father, or father figures. Compassion and care for those around your domicile is an implicit indication of this transit, as well. Indeed there is a kind of selflessness to this Pisces Sun in the 4th: you should be thinking about others and their well-being, as it relates to home life. Such an other-oriented ontology reverses around the 21st of March, when the Sun galivants into the youthful ego-centrism of Aries, fellow fire sign. This more selfish Sun will be lighting up your 5th House of Romance and Fun. Lots of fire. Lots of lust. Lots of heat. It’s a placement that’s about being in the moment, unlike the first part of your month, which might be more about dwelling in the past.


You’ve had a lot of activity in your sign the past couple months (Sun, Pluto, Mars, Venus retrograde, etc.), but now the planetary traffic jam is reaching its endpoint. With this cessation, you might be feeling a bit of a comedown around the 6th, when Venus and an exalted Mars leave the Goat. If you need to finish up anything soonish, the first 6 days of the month are great for making a final push on a project – take advantage of the energy that these two planets can still generate for you. The compassionate Pisces Sun will be camping out in your Communication and Sibling sector until the 21st of March, which can lend a softer, sweeter tone to your voice, especially toward brothers and sisters (or those we deem brotherly and sisterly). Expect, perhaps, a less gruff Goat with Pisces energy suffusing our life-world this season. On the 21st, youthful Aries charges into the cosmic fray. The Sun in the Ram is about newness (ideas, plans, techniques). Being Saturn-ruled, Capricorn usually sides with tradition. Come the Equinox on the 21st, be a bit more rash, like Aries. Plan a little less. See what happens.


Maybe it’s time to do a bit of retail therapy this month. Why? For one, bountiful Jupiter and the Sun in overflowing Pisces will be transiting your Money sector, suggesting that maybe you can be a bit more loose with your pocket change. For two, Saturn, the penny-pincher, has been holding oppressive sway in your 1st House of Selfhood for over a year and you need a respite from this Saturnal tightness. Finally, you’ve got Venus (beauty, love, and money) and Mars (drive) entering into your sign on the 6th of March. Lavish some love and care on yourself (Venus+1st House). Beautify with some new threads, a new look, a fresh hairstyle (also Venus+ 1st House). Put some energy (Mars) into your appearance (1st House) so that you love (Venus) the way you feel (Pisces Sun). A New Moon on the 3rd of March in your Money sector signals a great day to start planning your little shopping sojourn. A Full Moon on the 18th might be a great day to go out and complete the look.


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