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May Horoscopes for RUSSH magazine

The month begins in the lux-loving sign of Taurus and shifts into chatterbox Gemini on the 21st. This transition from Bullish fixed-earth to the mutable air of the Twins is perhaps the most striking volte face of the Zodiac calendar in terms of element and modality. Prepare accordingly for an energy shift from slow earthy ambulations to hyper-speed stratospheric communications in later May.

Not only is this transition between signs topsy-turvy but there are a number of slightly wonky transits going on. To wit: we have three lunations this month (rather than the usual pair) and two of them are eclipses (New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 1st, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th). Eclipses herald disruption and a Mercury retrograde on the 10th, lasting all month, will add a bit of frustration to communication in its various forms: text messages not sending, contracts containing errors, and the like.

This irritating Mercury retrograde, however, will be smoothed out, to some extent, by the month’s biggest transit: the big kahuna Jupiter, draped in its magnificent silk robes, moves out of Pisces and into the fire-starter Ram. Jupiter-in-Aries is about realising the Piscean dreams imagined during the first part of 2022. Now is the month for Aries action supported by sugar daddy Jupiter.


True, the Sun highlights your Selfhood sector until the 21st , but you’ve got some cloudy transits making the weather a bit overcast. On the 2nd, your ruling planet, Venus, descends from its glorious perch in the 11th House of Social Networking into the dark 12th House of the Unconscious, Secrets, and Hidden Enemies. What’s more: the other benefic, Jupiter, joins Venus on May 10th, putting these two indubitably positive planets into the dank dungeon lair of the 12th House. What to make of these placements? Jupiter brings wisdom, Venus, love. Think of this double benefic transit in terms of forgiveness: let go of words and deeds that have long rankled. Also keep in mind that Venus enters a great spot at the end of the month. It comes home to Taurus from 28 May to 22 June. Smile for the camera as Venus here will radiate inner and outer beauty. Your negotiation skills should see a bump up with Venus during this 3 week transit, too, finding it easier to get what you want but without coming across in a pushy way. As they say: you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and you have Venus here providing the sweetness.


Your transits are super complex this month, so let’s start with the most simple and auspicious one. Glorious Jupiter moves into your 11th House of Friendship and Networking on the 10th for a good long stint (lasting until October 28th). Jupiter is expansive, which could manifest in an enlarged circle of friends or set of business associates. Beginning on the 10th, your ruling planet, communicative Mercury, meanwhile begins a wonky retrograde in your 1st House of Ego and your 12th House of the Unconscious. Mercury retrogrades are times of mixed-messages, and you may come across as hot and cold throughout this one, which lasts until early June. Take especial care in communication, therefore. Don’t make any with flip remarks that could be misconstrued. However, this is a perfect time to recalibrate and refine. What projects do you want to resuscitate? Are there any contacts you need to circle back with? Write out a Retrograde task list and commit to following up all leads. If approached pragmatically, a lot can be accomplished during Mercury's three week backspin.


Relationships, relationships. Your ruling planet, lovely Venus, enters your 7th House of Relationships on the 2nd of May for the rest of the month. Venus bestows social grace and charm, so this placement will no doubt add harmony between you and your helpmate. Keep in mind, too, that Venus beautifies, so expect a bit more physical attraction toward a partner (and vice versa). On the 10th, bountiful Jupiter waltzes into your 7th House, bringing luck, optimism, ease, and understanding in love. Venus + Jupiter also suggests a good time to spend a little cash on something romantic. This is a powerful month of love-transits for you–best of the year, in fact. Make the most of them, either to build on a relationship or to start building one.


On 10 May, magnificent Jupiter changes signs into fiery Aries and ignites your Career Sector for a longish transit, lasting until late October. This is the perfect time to set a 6 month professional goal-making session. The Luckgiver is offering abundance for the taking. It will also be squaring your Sun. Squares are usually challenging but with the Great Benefic involved, this one should take on a more positive valence, giving you a gentle push to improve, expand, and step up your professional game. You might also feel like taking some risks in this work-related arena–don’t resist this impulse, as Jupiter favours high rollers. When hyper-active Mars joins Jupiter on 24 May, prepare for forward momentum with career. A small caveat: be aware that Mars in this part of your chart runs a fine line between being assertive and aggressive, so keep your emotional awareness hat on.


The first three weeks of May are about working the room, hobnobbing, and general self-promotion at work, as your ruling planet, the Sun, highlights your Career zone. The important point here, though, is that we are dealing with a steady Taurus Sun, so don’t go wild with new fangled plans or cutting edge tech to speed up returns on investment. Keep all that fast, mutable air stuff for Gemini season and stick to what works at work, especially with the Bull in the picture. Jupiter moves into fellow fire sign Aries on 10 May and will be activating your 9th House of Travel and Education. A productive way to use these two Jupiter/Sun transits together is to combine your work and your learning. Does your company currently pay for further education? Now is the time to take advantage of it. Upskill, get a mentor.


Jupiter makes a grand entrance into your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources on May 10. In general Planet Luck functions to expand things like knowledge, wealth, and love, but in this part of your chart, it wants you to narrow your attention to a few key projects and make these richer. Quality over quantity. Share outlandish fantasies with your partner–or open up about anxieties. These are the kinds of things that build intimacy and expand the heart (Jupiter + 8th House). Interestingly, May 10 is the same day your ruler, quicksilver Mercury, stations retrograde in your Career zone, as well. Mercury and Jupiter will be making a sextile (or 60 degree angle) meaning they are helping each other out. Due to this auspicious Jupiter aspect you are somewhat protected from this usually irksome Mercury retrograde, especially when it comes to themes of Career and Shared Finances (the two Houses each of these planets are aspecting).


Your ruling planet, electric Mars, is camped out in Pisces at the moment, and will be highlighting your 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity until the 24th. Mars-in-Pisces will add a bit of poetry to your lifeworld, which will make wooing more delightful. The 5th House is also known for fertility–both creative and procreative–so woo with that in mind. Mars-in-Pisces, of course, will also mean that your energy levels can be dependent on your mood. Your fixed nature likes routine but with this transit it is better to go with the Pisces flow. Try to keep your schedule open, as this placement works best with spontaneity. From the 24th onward, Mars moves into Aries and the 6th House of Routine which is doubly strong for you. Mars rules the Ram and has its “ joy” in the 6th. Planet War likes having tasks to do, so it loves this area of the chart. This is transit to get stuff done (Mars/drive) and in a fast way (Aries). Schedule your chores for this week.


Your ruling planet Jupiter finally leaves Pisces and enters into rambunctious Aries on the 10th. Big moves for you. Planet Luck will be activating your 5th House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun, a placement your devil-may-care nature adores. This month–and this whole Jupiter transit (which lasts til late October)--should have you feeling way more stoked for being out in the world. Why? Planet Bountiful has been camped out in the more homebody 4th House of Home since late December, and while this is an excellent placement for you overall, your nature prefers being more dynamic than the 4th House sometimes suggests. To add a bit of cherry on top, diamond-studded Venus is also going to be co-present with Jupiter in your 5th House all month. The ancients said Planet Bling has its “joy” in this House. With both Benefics in your Romance and Fun zone, open yourself to new experiences with a partner or new object of affection out on the tiles because 4th House days are over–over for a while. It’s time for quests, Archer.


You favour discipline, procedure, and regulations, sometimes taking too long to make your move in love or work. With Jupiter moving into amped-up Aries on the 10th, you should be more impelled to take speedy and direct action, especially as it pertains to 4th House matters, where Planet Luckgiver will be camping in your chart until late October. The 4th House deals with home, father, family, legacy, property. Expansive Jupiter moving into this area, backed by fiery Aries, could result in quickly moving (Ram) somewhere bigger (Jupiter), as unexpected real estate opportunities arise (4th House+Jupiter). With the earthy Taurus Sun highlighting your 5th House of Romance and Fun, you have a double earth influence happening for the first few weeks of May, as well. This transit betokens a time of pleasure seeking and spending—perhaps overindulging. On the 21st, the Sun moves into your 6th House of Health, Diet, and Routine for Gemini season. After a decadent season of the Bull, this transit marks a great time to get on the treadmill.


Jupiter has been next door to you in Pisces for the past 4 months. Though neighbours, you don't have a lot in common with that sign. In technical speak, you are in ‘aversion’ to each other. Jupiter in this “averse” location can’t help you as much as it can or wants to. But this changes May 10, as it pushes into fiery Aries and makes a perfect sextile with your Sun. Aries and Aquarius are like two peas in a pod. They delight in speed, innovation, and newness. This Jupiter-in-Aries transit (which lasts until late October) will be highlighting your 3rd House of Communication, suggesting more verve, force, and output when it comes to expressing yourself. Until the 21st, the Taurus Sun adds warmth and sensual energy to your most private part of the chart (4th house). This earthy placement will help ground your somewhat aloof nature. Taurus is associated with food and all the senses, and, as it is in your domestic area, look up some slow cooking recipes to savour.


On 10 May, Jupiter, your ruler, leaves your sign (alas) and shimmies into Aries until late October. This is a bit of a bummer–who doesn't love Jupiter, with its fat pockets, in their 1st House? But as always with astrology, you lose something then you get something else. So what are you gaining with the loss of Jupiter at home? Well, you get an amped-up, action-oriented Jupiter-in-Aries instead. To explain: Even though Jupiter rules Pisces, this placement can be somewhat passive, due to the mutable watery energy of the Fishes. Jupiter in Pisces is a great transit for vision but not always for action. Jupiter-in-Aries, on the other hand, will help you become more decisive and forward moving, especially concerning the 2nd House (material gain/finances), which is where Jupiter will be highlighting your chart for the next five months. Jupiter is associated with risk and luck. It favours a bit of gambling and Aries will provide the courage for investing in something that you might otherwise vacillate on: a car, an education, a vacation. Don’t be reckless, but be bold this month.



While technically last month was your season, May is your time to shine. Diamond-studded Venus moves into your Selfhood sector on the 2nd, where it will remain until the 28th. The little Benefic is then joined by maximal Jupiter on the 10th (until the 28th of October). This Venus/Jupiter placement hasn’t happened in 12 years. It’s a barnstormer transit, suggesting expanded self-worth (Venus deals with value) and self-esteem (Jupiter+Aries). What’s more, Jupiter will bring wisdom to your fiery, initiatory nature, which can be quite rash. Planet Luck will help bestow welcomed temperance, meaning you’ll be able to get stuff done at work and in love but with a more comprehensive, sage view of things. On the 24th, your ruling planet, Mars, dips into your sign, which brings even more gusto to the planetary equation. While you’re always good with putting yourself first, the Stars are likewise supporting self-promotion this month.


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