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Pisces Season 2023 Horoscopes for Soho House

We have just left Aquarius season – and its Saturn-ruled objectivity – for the Jupiter-ruled waters of Pisces, also known by its symbol: the two fishes. Where Aquarius was distant, Pisces is intimate. Where Aquarius was cerebral, Pisces is emotional. Our most empathetic sign, it’s likewise the most sensitive, artistic and mystical. As the last stop on the zodiac wheel before the cosmic calendar begins afresh next month in Aries, Pisces exists in a kind of perpetual dreamworld. Picture neo-soul music icon, Erykah Badu, bedecked in talismans while striking tuning forks in her studio to capture the frequency of the universe (she is, not surprisingly, a double Pisces, meaning both her moon and sun are in that sign). This is all to say that the energy of the next four weeks will be very Erykah – all about compassion, spirituality, and otherworldliness. Enjoy this loose, final season of the zodiac year, for Aries is up next, and its ram is anything but loose.

Pisces What a difference a year makes. Last Pisces season, your glorious ruling planet – expansive Jupiter – entered your sign, heralding a period of more self-esteem, luck, and creativity. But now the tides have turned. On 7 March, sober Saturn puts down roots for the next three years in your selfhood sector. This is a major life transit. It is known for being intense and transformative. It demarcates a period for growing up, maturing, getting even more serious about yourself and your future (all themes associated with Saturn, the time lord). You may feel less loose and Pisces-free around this date: that’s Saturn knocking at your door. Let this planet in, offer it some tea, sit down and think about where you want to be in three years. Saturn is going to be a guest for a while. Aries Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac (old and wise), while you’re the first (young and brimming with confidence). Accordingly, there is a kind of disgruntled energy between you two, like boomers with their gen-Z grandkids. You think you know best (you don’t). Pisces thinks it knows best (it doesn’t either). Accept the fact of finitude on both sides – and let a little Pisces compassion into your heart this season. After all, you could use a bit of sensitivity training, headstrong Ram. You can also learn a few things from being more like the fishes – such as realising that there is more to this world than the immediacy of youth and desire. On 20 February, a new moon in Pisces suggests a great date to slow down and look at a problem from a more cosmic, Piscean perspective. Taurus With the Pisces sun lighting up your friendship zone over the next four weeks, it’s time to show those kindred spirits in your life some of that notorious Pisces empathy. The essence of the water sign is that it’s able to look at the world from a vantage point outside itself (Aries, as a counterexample, has particular trouble with this). Like Aries, you can also be a bit obstinate. Let go. No need to be dogmatic with a friend in need. Instead, look with compassion on the plight of one who, due to pride and ego, may have trouble reaching out to you. Be the strong one. Take the pressure off them – they may already be under enough of it. Gemini The free-flowing Pisces sun floods your career zone this season. You and Pisces are both mutable signs: adaptive, quick and flexible. Unlike Pisces, however, your airy nature can sometimes be too breezy and ‘devil may care’, especially when it comes to emotionally investing in things of value (like your career). Pisces is the opposite of this and can overly invest in stuff. If you can meet somewhere in between, and approach work and colleagues with a bit more feeling, the chances are you can make strides career-wise over the next few weeks. You’re good at going with the flow, but sometimes you need to attach yourself to the deeper emotional currents in your life, including, of course, what you do for a living. Cancer Pisces is the seeker of the zodiac, heading to yin yoga at dawn with a loose, gentle shawl around its shoulders, while reading the Bhagavad Gita (in its original Sanskrit). What’s more, this ethereal energy will be activating the sector of higher learning and spirituality in your chart over the next four weeks. This is not a month, therefore, for being hungover at brunch devouring Eggs Florentine with friends while recounting sexual misadventures from the night before. Leave that kind of hijinks for Aries season. Instead, this is an inward and delicate time for you. Leo Your intimacy zone, which deals with sex, transformation and the occult (but also, for some reason, taxes), will be energised by the mystical Pisces sun this season. Pisces is bad with boundaries – but that’s a good thing in this part of the chart, since intimacy is also about breaking down barriers between self and others. Whether or not you’re involved in an intimate relationship, the aim of this month is transforming a difficult aspect of yourself by overcoming it. This can occur in various ways – for example, sharing deep fears with a soulmate or friend, and thereby releasing yourself from that which binds you. Not to get too macabre, but this part of the chart ultimately deals with death, as in death of old ways of being. Finally put to rest some hang-ups in your own life to get closer to others in it. How? Open up. Talk it out. Virgo Each sign on the zodiac wheel has its opposite. Yours is Pisces. In almost all respects, you two are a study in contrasts. Pisces is overflowing and dreamy; you’re precise and practical. But we shouldn’t look at these two energies as mutually exclusive. Rather, they supplement each other. You need Pisces to loosen you up. Pisces needs you to button things down. This month the fishes will be activating your relationship zone. What is the advice? Take your Pisces supplements and go with the flow (either to find love in your life, or maintain it). You can be too exacting, insisting on the towels being neatly folded. Sure, that makes your place look like it’s in a perpetual photo spread, but such control is also tiring for a partner. Try to be a bit messier around the home (and with your emotions) – your relationship will prosper, even if the towels are slightly askew. Libra Your nature wants to ensure everything is balanced. That makes sense: your symbol, after all, is the scales. But some signs are not about balance at all. Pisces, ruled by Jupiter (lover of excess and risk), is about pushing past the limits of equal measure. With the boho chic energy of the Pisces sun activating your sector of routine, health and diet, work with the transit by letting go of some structure and constraints. Try a new workout – or don’t work out as much at all; indulge in some desserts or late nights. Sometimes, getting in cosmic balance means tipping the scales of our earthly activities. A Virgo full moon on 7 March, however, indicates a great day to clean your house, if Pisces energy is getting a bit much. Virgo is the maiden (and maid) of the zodiac. Unlike Pisces, it delights in the sheen of perfectly waxed floors. Scorpio Among other things, Pisces indicates artistry. It’s like a sensitive poet, feeling the world’s pain. This artistic Pisces energy highlights your fun and romance sector for the next few weeks. A deeper way to think about this section of your chart is that it involves recreation, procreation, or artistic creation. In this sense, the Pisces sun is quite at home there. Take advantage of this placement by digging into your studio or surrounding yourself with music, books, museums and film. Go out to shows, enjoy nightlife, get inspired. A new moon in Pisces on 20 February is a strong date to set the artistic tone for the month, so make sure you purchase those tickets to that art exhibition everyone’s been raving about. Sagittarius You and Pisces are both ruled by expansive Jupiter. You’re a mutable fire sign, which means you express your planet’s energy in an extroverted way: life and soul of the party, buying drinks at the bar, preaching on a soap box at a busy intersection in Los Angeles. Pisces, on the other hand, pertains to an introverted version of Jupiter, meaning it finds wholeness in expanding the heart. Engage with Pisces this season by cultivating your inner emotional landscape. With the sun highlighting your home zone, start by adding, for example, objects of sentimental value from your childhood to feel more emotionally invested in your past and where you live now. These are the kinds of little techniques to help align your sign with the current season. A new moon on 20 February would be a great date to start such a project. Capricorn Your ruling planet, sober Saturn, is about to switch signs, after three years in your money zone. Due to the slow-moving nature of the taskmaster planet, these transits are important because they are so rare. Let’s pay attention, therefore, to where Saturn is heading, for its placement will indicate the next major life theme in your chart. In your case, the taskmaster will be highlighting your communication sector until 2026. How to approach such a long transit? Think about it as a period for refining your voice – maybe it’s time for graduate school. Or if that seems too daunting (or futile), take classes on the arts of persuasion to improve your professional life instead. Or what about joining a serious book club to improve your own writing style? In sum: communication is your new terrain. Aquarius Time to party, friend. Serious Saturn leaves your sign on 7 March, after three long years camped out there. Saturn in the first house of identity is all about growing up, so hopefully you’ve emerged from this trial with a bit more adulthood. In celebration of the fact that the taskmaster planet will not be back for another 27 years, invite some friends over for a little ‘Farewell, Saturn’ occasion. Have a nice sit-down dinner as a testament to your new-found maturity, during which you can discuss current events and the inevitable pains of commuter traffic in the mornings. Is that some jazz I hear under the tinkling of wine glasses? It is. Make sure you end the evening by 10pm, then get into your robe, and read a bit of Emily Dickinson’s verse before bed, smiling lightly at her deft sense of irony. Welcome to your new grown-up life.


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