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Horoscopes for Libra Season 2023 for Soho House

This month, we leave behind practical Virgo for deliberative (some would say indecisive) Libra, whose symbol is the scales (balance, justice, fairness). As such, Libras are known for always weighing options, looking at the world from multiple viewpoints, trying to balance the needs of others. Where Aries moves forward without listening to anyone, Libra tends to listen to everyone. Accordingly, we may feel less headstrong over the next few weeks, preferring instead to build consensus. Not a bad thing.

We may also find ourselves a bit more co-dependent than usual. Like the scales, Libra needs a counterweight to balance itself out. Wanting to be near friends more, or a beloved, or even random colleagues: all very Libra. A different way of putting it: Libra season is a social season. Makes sense: it is ruled by Venus (love and desire). ‘Planet love’ is about bringing people together, bonding. Get your socialising in now, because we move to Scorpio season and its more antisocial energy at the end of October.


It’s your birthday season with the sun activating your selfhood zone, and bringing with it increased confidence. This month, however, you have a slightly troublesome guest in this part of your chart, namely gruff Mars. Every two years, ‘planet war’ shows up to your season to cause some drama. Indeed, Mars is known for confrontation and chaos. But we mustn’t look only at its negative associations. It’s also about fighting for yourself or others. With Mars in your selfhood zone until 12 October, then, think about working slightly against your Libra nature (diplomatic, consensus-building) in order to speak, act or work more for your desires. This is how we use a planetary transit that looks problematic to our cosmic advantage.


Your ruling planet, fiery Mars, is somewhat debilitated in deliberative Libra until 12 October. Why somewhat debilitated? Your ruler tends toward confrontation, where Libra seeks consensus. Accordingly, when Mars is positioned in this sign it loses its power. Mars wants to act, not deliberate. For you, the impact of Mars in Libra could be increased indecisiveness about work or romance. If possible, try to wait on decisions until (or after) 12 October. That’s when Mars enters your sign, where it feels at home. Mars in Scorpio betokens a supercharged transit for you: clarity where there was confusion; direction where there was delay.


Some seasons are more solitary, some more social. For you, the stars portend quite a social month. The sun in Libra activates your friendship and networking zone, while until 4 October, chatty Mercury darts through the career part of your chart. Clearly, the next few weeks indicate a time to be out schmoozing and spending evenings with friends. Two particularly advantageous dates are 29 September and 14 October. There’s a full moon on 29 September in your house of romance, so celebrate with a loved one. Then, a new moon on 14 October in your friendship and networking sector. New moons are for doing new things: take a business contact to that cool new place that just opened for dinner to discuss e-commerce trends.


There’s a lot of cosmic energy in your career zone this season, as the diplomatic Libra sun activates this part of your chart. At the same time, war-like Mars will be energising your career until 12 October, too. Where the Libra sun is great for negotiating, Mars is a glory-seeker. In the office, the latter’s energy translates into something like increased ambition, drive for completing assignments, and desire for recognition. So, until 12 October, mobilise this Mars influence to push your career along. Be careful not to get too Mars-like, though. It can also make us more heated and short-fused with others or ourselves. A new moon in Libra on 14 October indicates a strong day to show a boss initiative by seeking out a fresh work project.


The Libra sun lights up your travel zone this season. This part of your chart deals with physical journeys, but also spiritual ones. As such, in addition to travel, you may feel a pull towards reading, writing or practices such as yoga and meditation. At its root, this is a more introspective time. Your Aquarian nature – cerebral, somewhat aloof – does well with these kinds of transits. A full moon in solo-going Aries on 29 September is a time when you may be especially drawn to being alone on a hike or meditating to find higher truths. A new moon in the travel zone on 14 October signifies a good moment to set travel-related intentions.


Until 4 October, chatty Mercury transits practical Virgo, where it will be activating your relationship zone. Mercury in Virgo seeks to solve problems through communication. This isn’t a transit for poetry or love notes, but rather for sitting down with a significant other (whether that be a spouse or a business partner) and working through issues that may be making you feel frustrated. Your nature is to be somewhat more passive, but until 4 October, the stars are inviting more active engagement around relationships. With the sun in Libra lighting up your zone of intimacy (which also relates to shared finances), perhaps it’s time to talk about spending, saving, and other budget-related matters in particular.


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