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The Tower


“the way to create art is to burn and destroy

ordinary concepts and to substitute them

with new truths that run down from the top of the head

and out of the heart”

Charles Bukowski

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.”

Mikhail Bakunin The Tower card is the 16th card in the Major Arcana. It comes directly after the ominous Devil card and before the hopeful Star card. This a reminder then that our vices (Devil card) can lead to a path of destruction. But there is always a way out of destruction to create something out of the ground zero (Star Card). The Tower is an active volatile card. The Tower is quite an abstract energy and if you are getting this as a block, it usually means a tremdnaejnous amount of pent up energy that needs to be expressed somewhere.

Keywords Insight, Innovation, Breakthrough, Brainstorming, Destruction, Something blowing up, Fighting, Sudden, Calamity, surprise, unstable, accidents, storms, Timing It is associated with Mars day which is Tuesday. It is also associated with Mars energy and there for the two signs it rules - Aries and Scorpio. This card reversed can point to Mars retrograde cycle. Symbolism The structure is collapsing, a storm is in a dark sky. There is alighting flash alluding to Zeus. There are 22 rods for the 22 letters of the Hebrew alabpaht.

Two figures fall from the Tower resonating a fallen order making way for fresh starts. The crayfish represents our most primal sense of self. Our deepest fears, The colours are black, yellow and red. Astrological Associations Mars is assocaaited with Mars. Mars ernegy is masculine and aggressive, always up for a fight or action. This energy is connected with our drive, Mars pushes us to go after the things we want. It is also known as the planet of War and the Tower symbolism holds within in images of destruction.

The 2,3,4 of wands (All Aries cards) Mars experesses his drive toward leadership, in the 5,n6 and 7 of Cups (All Scorpio cards( he underscores the sacrifices people make for what they love and how ruiniation can turn to new life. As Advice The Tower calls you to Destry outmoded aspects of the self so that more evolved elements of selfhood can arise, It is adhnamic force of creation and destruction. It is an action orientated card. If you don't take action, something will blow up. The Tower Reversed This is less of a blind sighting energy and you can aurally do something to influence the upcoming "Tower". Less stressful than the Tower upright.


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