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Into the Age of Aquarius for Soho House

Joe Biden’s recent victory over Donald Trump in the US elections augurs a political realignment by the year’s end that will coincide with a major astrological shift on 21 December known as the Great Mutation. It is on this date that malefic Saturn (the uptight dad of the Zodiac) and altruistic Jupiter (the generous uncle) will be conjunct in airy Aquarius. This will initiate a move away from a 240-year-old reign of heavy, elemental earth energy. Astrology heads are pumped about this cosmic change. What might it entail?

Based on complex precessional astronomy that is sort of cool but also beyond the scope of this Zodiac Dispatch, we have been under the macro-influence of earth energy associated with good old Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo since around the 1840s. Unlike the cerebral air signs, earth signs centre around the body and its material comforts; they govern (among other things), money-making, business dealings and profit seeking, ripping open the Earth in search of lucre and resources, and other such commercial pursuits. Earth signs embody strength, , and power. Think heft, matter, weight, things, stuff, territories, and property. Think ‘Material Girl’ by Madonna.

But now, according to the wisdom of the stars, things are about to change, to lighten up. If the earth era was material, the reign of air energy will be about dematerialisation. Indeed, by the time that this air epoch ends, around the year 2260, we will all probably exist as pure quanta in a nth dimensional fibre-optic singularity.

But we don’t need to look that far to see how we are already shifting towards ethereal lightness of being. As mentioned, big Aquarius energy is coming in, which is characterised by collective action, technological innovation, and off-beat forward thinking. Expect social change through immaterial means – more online voting and organisation. Expect normalised social distancing (Aquarius is an aloof sign, after all), but also technological breakthroughs that create the sense of intimacy at a distance: Jaron Lanier’s new Together mode comes to mind in that it allows us to make eye contact via our online spaces. This tech will do dystopian wonders for virtual sex in the pornography industry and virtual reality in general.

This is all to say that the cosmic shift to air energy is confirming what we are already seeing and feeling around us. Astrology doesn’t always need to be a prophet. Sometimes, it works well as a barometer to verify changes in the atmosphere.


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