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April Horoscopes for each Sign

April starts with adolescent Aries knocking over well-placed porcelain vases and it ends with sensual Taurus buying lux housewares to restore a sense of order. Aries is all fire, speed, youth, newness, and initiative. It’s the best season to start something big, as Mars (drive) rules the Ram and the Sun is also exalted there. This is the Cardinal Fire season of ego, of not-listening, of thinking you know best. After mystical, compassionate Pisces season, where we were hyper-attuned to the Other, Aries goes full grandiose narcissism until 21 April. We close the month with the Bull; slow, steady, and earthy after the madcap rush of the Ram. Venus-ruled Taurus delights in a kind of slow motion, opulent grandeur; Chardonnay is on its way after the caffeinated Mountain Dew of Aries season.


Other than Leo, the regal Sun loves no spot on the Zodiac Wheel more than the Ram, where it camps until 21 April. With your Selfhood sector thusly lit, it’s time to focus on some “me-first” projects. Given your renowned ego, this shouldn’t be much of a stretch. But here’s the thing: the cosmos doesn’t mind a bit of egoistic Aries behaviour during your season. Not into group dynamics? Stay in. Not into staying in? Travel. Be your impulsive self—Aries is rash. Since youth energy is being foregrounded for the next three weeks, expect more vitality, radiance, and bounce. Libido could also be heightened, along with slightly weirder appetites, as maniacal Mars, your ruling planet, hangs out in strange Aquarius until the 15th. When the Sun shifts into Taurus on the 21st, your Money sector gets energised, but be careful with finances around then. Why? Mars will also have entered into Pisces by that juncture. This placement could drive you to spend (Mars) without a proper sense of limits (Pisces).


Poor Taurus: your ruling planet, diamond-studded Venus, has had a rough year. Things started out badly with a wonky retrograde in Capricorn (not fun). Then in March Planet Love was being “besieged” by Mars and Saturn. Astrologically, besiegement refers to transits where a planet is locked between the two Malefics—kind of like being stuck at a party talking to an aggressive athletic type (Mars), only to get hemmed up in drab chit chat with a cold, humourless German architect (Saturn). In your case, Venusian themes (romance, money) have been afflicted. But in April the besiegement ends and, for the first time all year, your ruling planet finds a bit of peace, as Venus will be entering into your Friendship sector. Expect more bonhomie among your crew, but also open your mind to the thought of romance through social networking. Your season starts on the 21st, with the Sun in your 1st House of Selfhood: a month of sensual repasts, starting with pistachio torte and page mandarins perhaps.


Aries season is about championing the ego and self. It’s a brash and rash time, very much about the virtues of the individual going at it alone. With this energy in your 11th House of Friendship and Social Networking until 21 April, you could find your chatty Twins nature going full monologue, no dialogue. Friends don’t tend to like that. And with your ruling planet, communicative Mercury, joining the 11th House on the 11th, this urge to talk over, through, or around people will only intensify. Beware, therefore, too much frantic wit, which can exhaust like an overly salted dish. Consider, as well, that Aries can be beaucoup competitive, so try to avoid a remake “Mean Girls” over the next few weeks with your bffs. Instead fight for friends and their interests—that’s the proper way to use Aries energy this season. On the 21st, the Taurus Sun shifts into your 12th House of the Unconscious, marking a distinct volte face toward a transit that could stir your inner cauldron of secrets and hang-ups.


You and Aries are both Cardinal signs (meaning you each land on either an equinox or solstice). You share a strange affinity in that regard, even if you are very different in most other ways: fire vs water, external vs internal, loud vs quiet, gruff vs sensitive, direct vs circumambulatory. But maybe this is the month to be a bit more like the Ram. Use the initiatory energy of this Aries solar transit to put a little fire and forcefulness into your life. The Sun-in-Aries will be inflaming your 10th House of Career until 21 April. When many people talk about the 10th House, they often associate it with making money. But the 10th has much to do with calling or purpose. The newness of the Aries Sun could inspire you to look for some alternative vocation—one more in line with your intuitive, empathetic way. Or this Aries energy could be saying: be more assertive and direct at work. Come out of your shell and take what is yours. On the 21st, the Sun shifts to the steady, low key vibes of Taurus and your Friend zone, suggesting a more emotionally copacetic transit.


Your theme song for the first few weeks of April looks to be something like “Walking on Sunshine,” the 80s pop confection by Katrina and The Waves. Why? You’ve got your ruling planet, the Sun, in fellow fire sign, Aries, until the 21st, which is the best solar placement of the year for you, other than Leo season itself. You and Aries form what’s known as a trine (i.e., a harmonious aspect). Trines are said to be of the nature of expansive Jupiter, our great Benefic. Whenever we have one in our chart, Jupiter energy (luck, opportunity) should increase. This auspicious Aries Sun will be specifically illuminating your 9th House of Travel and Higher Learning. Be a bit impulsive (Aries) and take a trip to expand your spiritual horizons (9th House). The Sun has its “joy” in the 9th, is also exalted in Aries, and rules your sign, so enjoy sunsets or sunrises this season in new locations. On the 21st, we shift into Taurus season and your theme switches to Career. Venus-ruled Taurus loves comforts and cash. The sunny travel vibes of early April could very well transform to thoughts of work and security.


Until 11 April, your ruling planet, mercantile Mercury, will be transiting your 7th House of Relationships. The Ancients called this the “the matchmaker” transit. Accordingly, you may find it easier in the next couple weeks to facilitate a romance or a business partnership rather than focus on your own love-life. There’s nothing wrong with that. Good karma points ultimately. On the 11th, Mercury then shifts into your 8th House of Taxes and Intimacy for a few weeks. The 8th House is ultimately about the things we share—secrets, money. With Mercury’s analytic nature energising your 8th, you could be feeling extra precise, making this transit good for organising taxes, finances. A word to the wise: look for faults in numbers and arithmetic rather than business partners or your helpmeet. On the 21st, the Sun moves into Taurus season and your 9th House of Knowledge and Learning. Taurus is a languid season, perfect for a desultory novel, like Rachel Cusk’s “Outline.”


For the majority of March, your ruling planet, lovely Venus, is being “besieged” by the toxic duo, Mars and Saturn. Astrologically, besiegement refers to transits where a planet is locked between these two malefics. Much to your chagrin, Venus has nowhere to flit and no one to charm at the moment. Indeed, romance, money, and beauty—all three domains governed by your ruler—are currently afflicted. Alas. But beginning April, the besiegement ends and your ruling planet finds some solace in your 6th House of Routine, Health, and Diet. Given that Venus has been so askew this year, this transit in a low-key House is the perfect landing spot for Planet Diamonds. Find balance this month by establishing a beauty routine and better diet. On April 21, the Sun shifts into Venus-ruled Taurus season. In Libra, Planet Love is social and airy. In Taurus, however, it is more earthy and pleasure-seeking. The Taurus Sun will be lighting up your 8th House of Intimacy and Taxes. Think sensual silk sheets, not spreadsheets, this transit.


The Aries Sun, in all its adolescent glory and vigour, stampedes through your 6th House of Routine, Health, and Diet for most of April. Cue: “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton John. Cut to: an image of you in the gym hitting aerobics class hard, clad in some amazing retro spandex with white Reebok high tops. Until the 21st, let this image guide your steps since Aries Sun is one of the best placements for the 6th House, suffusing routines with renewed life. On a less bouncy note, it would be remiss not to alert you to a big, bad conjunction in your 4th House of Home on the 5th, where Saturn and Mars, the toxic twins, will be spilling some sour milk. Some tensions, in particular, could arise between you and father-figures around this transit. On the 21st, the Sun-in-Taurus activates your 7th House of Relationships. Taurus season is a time for sensual delights and comforts—it is a Venus-ruled sigh that betokens silkier times with a partner.


The brash, lusty Aries Sun, full of fire, heats up your 5th House of Romance until the 21st. This is a placement of kaleidoscopic fire, games, intrigues, taverns, and quicksilver romance, perfect for your party-town nature. 12 April, in particular, is a fire-cracker, as your ruling planet, jolly Jupiter, merges with the dream-master, Neptune, in free-flowing Pisces. Go out and paint the town red this blockbuster date, but also don’t get swept up too much in the sweet talk of suitors: Neptune/Jupiter has a mirage-like energy. The great thing about Cinderella was she always knew the ball was built on angel dust and fairy magic. Keep her in mind this solar transit through the Ram. On the 21st, the Sun moves into slow and stable Taurus season, where it will be lighting up your 6th House of Routine, Diet, and Health. Taurus is earthy, sensual, and pleasure loving, meaning a healthy lifestyle could take a backseat to bittersweet chocolate fondant with blood orange sherbet.


Think NEW NEW NEW when it comes to the Aries Sun, highlighting your 4th House of Home and Security. Aries is Cardinal energy (initiatory) and it is the babe of the Zodiac, standing for fresh ways of being, doing, and seeing. Bring that vitalized perspective to your Home life this solar transit, which will last until the 21st. Given the fiery nature of Aries, maybe you need to bring some warmth to the domicile in a particular way, especially as the Aussie autumn approaches and the temperature chills a bit. Make something new in the home. On a less up note, be aware of a majorly malefic day on the 5th. Your ruling planet, grim Saturn, and Mars (the Knife) go conjunct in your Money sector, which could cause a brief flurry of financial difficulty. The Sun shifts over into Taurus and your 5th House of Romance on the 21st. Venus rules the Bull and has its “joy” in the 5th, so this is an excellent transit for sensual play and romance. The Bull and you both love luxury, so splurge a bit.


This could be a good month for self-promotion. The headstrong, “me-first” Aries Sun will be burning through your 3rd House of Communication, thereby connecting forms of expressivity to the Ram’s boastful tendencies. Then you have caffeinated Mars in your 1st House of Identity, suggesting another layer of self-aggrandizing energy in your transits this month. Put some work, therefore, into publicising yourself or extending your brand through social media. You’re usually a bit aloof, but all of this heat around Selfhood and Communication indicates a good time for amplifying your voice in the info-sphere. Beware, however, of coming across as too heated in your self-presentation: Mars can be aggressive and combative in the 1st House. Not a strong look. In this regard, beware 5 April: the two malefics (Saturn and Mars) are exactly conjunct in your sign. That’s a nuclear meltdown day. Tread extra light then. On the 21st, all this heat dissipates as earthy, Venus-ruled Taurus season starts, highlighting your Home sector (a time to beautify the hearth).


Like the release of a much-hyped “Avengers” blockbuster, your month and year have been moving toward the much anticipated Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on 12 April in your sign. You’ve got a once in a lifetime transit here as your two ruling planets, generous Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, will be suffusing your Pisces-being with divine spiritual love, creativity, and/or delusions of grandeur. Maybe take this day off: it’s a time for communing with art, higher powers, mystical crystals. It’s not a day for the hum-drum exchange of emails and event planning. Venus (love and beauty) will have moved into your 1st House on the 6th of April, as well. That means you have both Benefics working for you: romance, love, and luck in the air. With dream-weaver Neptune also in the mix, though, don’t invest money or romance into people or things that seem too good to be true. While the first two weeks of April have a nebulous quality, Mars joins this big soiree on the 15th. Mars brings drive and purpose. If you’ve had your head in the clouds, the presence of Mars mid-month, like a drummer, will help provide rhythm to the floating harmonies of these other planets.


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