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The Hierophant

“My love is thine to teach. Teach it but how, and thou shalt see how apt it is to learn. Any hard lesson that may do thee good.” Shakespeare

The Hierophant card is the 5th card in the Major Arcana. It comes directly after the structured Emperor and before the Gemini energy of the Lovers.

The Hierophant is the card of the traditional way. The tried and trusted way is the best here, being conventional, adhering to societal concerns. It is also a card associated with keys and unlocking wisdom. Therefore, this card comes up a lot when it comes to teachers and teaching.


Consistency, steadiness, order, institutions, marriage.


Taurus Energy, Taurus Season 20th April to 20th May.

Symbolism Pope, religion, orthodox.

Keys, unlocking wisdom, teaching

Astrological Associations

The Hierophant is associated with the sign of Taurus. It suggests fixed earth energy. The energy that is not easily changed.

As Advice

Your mind may be deceiving you right now or you may be prone to maximizing thinking. Right now your best bet is to calm the mind, get some sleep and there will always be more clarity in the morning. Do not take action now. More info will be revealed shortly and it is best to wait it out. Wait until you get all the info, The Moon card suggests things are not all that they seem.

The Hierophant Reversed

Be unconventional, not the traditional path, unconventional learning or wisdom.


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