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The Star

“I have wished you something None of the others would....”

Philip Larkin

Welcome to the Star the 17th Major Arcana card in the deck aka the Wish Card. When you get this card, if you have been going through a difficult time - this is telling you their is light at the end of the tunnel. This card comes after the tumultuous Tower which represents a dismantling or breakdown. The Star card represents the healing that can now take place the hope for something better.

Keywords: Rejuvenation, healing, hope, wishes, relief, being objective, the element of Air, higher perspective, friendship, equality.

Astrological Associations and Timing: this is a card associated with Aquarius so check what planets are currently transiting in Aquarius and see if this can point to any clues in timing.


Naked - this symbolizes being vulnerable and free - we are able to be ourselves when this card comes up

Water jug - represents Aquarius - the Waterbeaer

As Advice

What do you hope for now - what do you wish for. It is a time to set goals and believe the power of expectation and manifestation. The expectation effect also known as the Pyhbmaillian effect shows there is scientific proof what we expect can affect the outcome. Be aware of your mindset at this time. If you are feeling frustrated take that as a starting point to change something. In general this is a positive card and reminder that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This is one excellent card to get in relation to health matters.

The Star card in the Tarot represents Aquarius energy
The Star Card in the Tarot - 17th Major Arcana


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