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Social Planets: Jupiter and Venus this Spring and Summer for Soho House

In this month’s column, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan explains the significance behind mid-April’s upcoming astrological window, which will coincide with vaccine updates and the start of summer.

While the Zodiac Dispatch, of course, endorses social distancing, it also recognises that some people (like the spring breakers being sprayed at night with pepper bullets by police in Miami) are itching to get back to raving, boozing, and hustling. It’s in the spirit of solidarity with those fighting for their right to party in Miami that we look to the stars to see what they’re saying about potential shifts in social-distancing operations.

There are two noteworthy transits in April and May that’ll be pulling us towards each other more than usual. The first is Venus in Taurus. Venus is a socialite; it moves quickly through our skies. It’s like your friend bouncing from the Meatpacking District to the Lower East Side, over to Bed-Stuy, and back to Chinatown on a Friday night. Wherever it goes, it attracts people.

This rule of attraction will be even more pronounced on 14 April, when Venus moves to its home turf of Taurus. Venus rules the Bull, meaning that the planet of love and play will be extra comfortable in the most sensual and earthy of the signs. As Taurus is associated with the outdoors and open spaces, we’ll be wanting to get out more than ever to love and play as well. Add spring into the mix, and now there’s even more incentive to get together during this four-week Venus in Taurus transit.

The second transit is Jupiter in Pisces. Larger-than-life Jupiter is like John Belushi in Animal House – it loves to be out on the tiles. The problem with Jupiter’s current placement, however, is that (like us) it has been restricted since 21 December. That’s when Jupiter entered into icy Aquarius, ruled by uptight Saturn (who is also transiting the Waterbearer). If Jupiter wears flip-flops, despite owning some huge Malibu beachfront property, Saturn is an accountant in tight penny loafers sans pennies (to save money).

Luckily for us all, Jupiter is going to move out of Aquarius to Airbnb a spot in Pisces, starting in May. Just as Venus rules Taurus, Jupiter rules the Fishes and is extra comfortable and expansive there. When it comes to social distancing, Pisces is literally the sign least good with boundaries (whereas Aquarius is all about them). Jupiter coming home to Pisces, therefore, is going to magnify the Piscean need for connection. This transit is basically the astrological equivalent of a massive group hug.

So, we have transits pulling us towards each other, starting mid-April. Venus is warming things up and then Jupiter puts these impulses into overdrive. This little astrological window will also be coinciding with good news about vaccines and summer approaching. Things are going to seem great. But these appearances won’t last long. Why? Jupiter starts its retrograde period in late June and goes back into the sign of the Waterbearer in July. Retrogrades are like reversals of fortune, and all that generous Jupiter energy in Pisces is going to get neutralised. It has to give up its Airbnb there and return to the more austere manse of Aquarius in the summer.


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